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The Patriot Defence Force is a registered non-profit organization in the State of Georgia. We focus on Faith, Family, Community, Growth and Leadership. Patriot Defence Force provides training in survival tactics, disaster preparation, and life skills to build a stronger future.

The Patriot Defence Force is in no way affiliated with any III% (3%, Three Percent, Threeper, etc..) groups. 

No member of the Patriot Defence Force was active in any type of rally or insurgence upon the Capitol of the US. The Patriot Defence Force does not condone racism, sexism, anti-Semitism, or violent extremist ideals. 

Interested in joining a brotherhood of survivalists, preppers, tacticians, and a family built around community and family? Join Today!


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    The Patriot Defence Force is a community support and preparedness organization. An organization composed of constitutionalists from all walks of life, backgrounds, and with varied interests and skill levels, from all over Georgia. We are not part of any larger organization, and are solely focused on preparing and supporting our communities in Georgia. We are an inclusive organization that is based on our support for the US Constitution, and our “Four Foundations”.


Emergency preparedness, self reliance & self defense are of utmost importance to the members of Patriot Defence Force. We will  help ourselves, as well as our families, friends, neighbors and fellow community members better prepare for an emergency or disaster and thus become more self-reliant. 

We pledge to work to develop our skills in many areas including, but not limited to,  radio communications, food & water preservation & storage, gardening, raising & processing animals, self defense, first aid & emergency medicine, and trade skills (carpentry, mechanical, electrical, etc..). The goal is to be able to not only survive an emergency or disaster, but to be able to thrive in the chaos that normally follows any such natural or man made disaster.


We pledge to not only support our members and their families, during times of need, but also our larger respective communities throughout Georgia. Our goal is to be seen as a reliable and respected resource, that our communities can turn to, when disaster strikes.

We will not only support our communities in times of need, but we would like to provide proactive support to our fellow community members, by training them to be better prepared to deal with an emergency or disaster situation. 

A better prepared community, will be better positioned to “Survive & Thrive” any emergency or disaster that may occur. By training others outside our organization it will create additional resource for all of our communities to utilize when needed. More hands and minds working together for our communities, in a time of need, the better.



A community working together for the betterment or even survival of the community, despite political or ideological differences, will be more effective than separate uncoordinated efforts. By putting aside our differences and coming together to serve our communities, we insure that our communities will be better served. When an emergency or disaster occurs we will come together with all members of our communities to help those in need. We will not draw lines along political, religious, or ideological boundaries that may limit the effectiveness of our response. We will take a leadership role to unite our communities and serve those in need.  


There is a need, during and following most emergencies or disasters, to defend ones rights, self, property and/or community. DEFEND is our fourth and final foundation. While we hope that it is never truly needed, and as an organization that follows the tenets of “No first use of force” and “No targeting of innocents”, we are a defensive community support and preparedness organization. This defensive stance still requires us to be prepared to defend our constitutional rights, ourselves, our property & our communities should the need arise. We will defend all that we cherish! 

Our Four Foundations provide us a foundation on which to build a robust community support and preparedness organization. We are an inclusive organization, and welcome all those who wish to support the GA & US constitutions and their communities should the need arise.